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Breeding World Class Dogs

A well put together dog is more than just about looks

It's my pleasure to share our families love of animals.


Our 3 aims are to produce admirable, healthy animals with stable outgoing personalities. 


Appearance is obtained from breeding dogs of quality through our well thought out breeding program.


Producing  healthy offspring is through the many modern techniques and procedure's available, DNA testing, professional veterinarian examination and independent analysis of bone structure. 


We also firmly believe a sound dogs training starts at birth, all our dogs are imprint trained from birth, and with all senses stimulated creating a very confident pup in both mind and spirit.

Health and happiness go hand in hand

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Happy Families

building confidence early is critical learning

Our Puppies

Aust Champion is an accreditation that you want in your puppies pedigree

Stud Dogs 

We use a professional stud master this way we can assure the safety of both the Bitch and the Dog our stud master/mistress has years of experience in all factors of breeding from AI to natural, her advise will be invaluable in making sure that a successful pregnancy is given every chance it can in a safe environment.

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